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4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi there,

    I am a relative of Sylvia’s- I am curious as to how you know so much about her. I would very much like to get in touch- please email me when is convenient for you.

    • Hello:
      How lovely to get your email. How are you related to Sylvia?
      I’ve researched her life & have written a book about it. I am currently in the process of finding an agent.
      I’d love to chat. My email is organicshirl(@)yahoo(dot)com.

  2. Karen ventimiglia said:

    Hi there!
    I think I worked for your uncle at Stratton’s restaurant as well in early 80s. Is youGene Stratton? If so, I’m curious to know how he is doing. I really enjoyed his company in the three plus years I worked with him and staff.

    My name is Karen but he would know me as Bea as for some reason the chef at Stratton’s (who I dated for a few years) gave me that nickname and it stuck throughout the decade.

    If you can send me an update on Gene (is he still married to Mary?) that would be swell.

    La Jolla CA

    • Hi Karen: Thank you so much for your message. I also worked at Stratton’s Restaurant (next to the Westwood Playhouse, not the Grill on Broxton), but in the early 90s. I’m sorry to have to tell you that Gene died in 2001. He and Mary were no longer together, but remained friendly. They had a lovely daughter named Catherine who recently married and I got to reconnect with Mary at the wedding. Mary looks almost exactly the same–beautiful!–and Catherine is the perfect combination of her parents. It’s uncanny how much she looks like her father. It’s nice to hear from you that you have fond memories from your association with my uncle. I miss him every day. Namaste–Shirley

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