Floating Head_wmThese strange and trying times have brought me back to Silky. Having been laid-off from work in March, I’ve had the time and motivation to reread my novel. And Silky’s life still amazes me! I suppose four years is ample time to gain a new perspective because I’ve finally got it. I’m ready to get back on the horse that threw me and take hold of the literary reins.

Like most folks during this pandemic–or what I like to call the zombie apocalypse–I’ve been tackling projects, joyously ticking off tasks from my To Do list. I’ve gone through closets and drawers culling unwanted clothing and items long forgotten in the depths of household storage. In my excavations I discovered a book-shaped locket I had purchased awhile back. I’d had it engraved SILKY on the front and always intended to have a picture of her made to put inside it.

So this week I found a photography processing shop able to shrink down one of the many portraits in my collection. I chose this shot from the 1920s that is, I believe, attributed to Cecil Beaton. It was taken shortly after her marriage to Lord Ashley-Cooper, securing her position in London society with a title she would use the rest of her glamorous life. The tiny photo will be ready for pick up tomorrow.

And I’m ready to spruce up my cover letter and start the submission process AGAIN. It’s time to find the perfect agent to help me get this fabulous woman’s story out into the world. Hi ho, Silver! And away we go!