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sailboatLady Sylvia Ashley, Italy 1930s

It’s no secret that I’ve been floundering of late. Amid set backs and false starts, I’ve lost enthusiasm for Silky. I simply haven’t been able to muster the drive to carry on. So imagine my surprise at receiving a lifeline out of the blue!

A published writer who specializes in “aristo ladies” sent me the most lovely, encouraging email a couple of weeks ago after reading my blog. She complimented me on my posts and commiserated on the difficulty of getting our kinds of stories into the hands of our readers. She even shared tips and leads on British publishers. Oh the kindness of strangers!

It was exhilarating to find someone familiar with Silky’s fabulous story and also thrilling to learn about one of Silky’s peers, Doris Delevingne, Viscountess of Castlerosse. Lyndsy Spence’s book on the notorious British socialite is coming out next month and she tells me that Doris and Sylvia were friends. After ten years of research, I’d never heard of Doris so it was a pleasure to become acquainted.

And if that isn’t enough, Lyndsy’s part of The Mitford Society! Two of my favorite stories of all time are The Pursuit Of Love & Love In A Cold Climate. Our connection couldn’t be more perfect if Silky introduced us herself. Maybe she did.

Lyndsy’s graciousness and generosity was like a life preserver for this drowning writer. I was just barely treading water and now I feel that perhaps I could reach shore soon. She’s gotten me kicking again and renewed my hope. A very fine gift indeed. And just in the nick of time!