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Wedding 1

Lord Anthony Ashley-Cooper weds Sylvia Hawkes, London 1927

Imagine my surprise leafing through this month’s issue of Vanity Fair magazine & discovering an article on the current Earl of Shaftsbury and the Ashley-Cooper estate, St. Giles in Dorset, with a mention of Silky!

“In 1927, Lord Ashley shocked London society by marrying the chorus girl Sylvia Hawkes. He died of a heart attack in 1947 at the age of 46. Sylvia, from whom he was divorced in 1935, went on to wed Douglas Fairbanks Sr. and Clark Gable as well as the sixth Baron Sheffield and Prince Djordjadze, a Georgian nobleman.”

And just that simply, there she is again refusing to let me quit.

Recently, I’ve been feeling aimless. Things seem flat and mundane and I realized just today that it’s not only because I’m missing Silky’s fabulous influence from my life, but also because I’ve halted my creative flow. I haven’t been writing and a kind of flatline has set in. At the very least, I ought to be querying agents again.

It’s high time to soldier on and get back to what makes my heart sing. Apparently, London’s calling and it’s time to answer.