Can it really have been four months since my last post? How time flies when you’re not having fun. This year of the monkey hasn’t started out well for me. Without going into the dull details, let it suffice to say that I’ve been having a crisis of faith.

I’ve expereinced a lot of loss in the last few months–grief, disappointment, illness–and I’ve been hunkered down, trying to wade through it. Part of my sadness has been the lack of progress I’ve made with Silky. It’s challenging to keep pursuing your dream in the face of rejection (and trying to make a living). And the thing about taking a break is that the next thing you know, months have passed.

Cleaning up my desk today, I found this poem I wrote about ten years ago, when I first started Silky. I’m considering it a gentle prod from the great beyond…


Hats & gloves, cigarette cases & steamer trunks, opera capes with fur trim–

The end of an era.

I follow you to a place I miss

though it was never mine.

I tread your path, not in high heels

but with an outmoded sense of style.

Your gift to me: time travel.

My promise: strangers will speak your name.