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A widowed Lady Sylvia Ashley arrives at La Guardia, 1941

My new passport recently arrived. While it’s not my best portrait, there’s travel in my future!!! I’ll be going abroad–not once, but twice!–this year. It’ll be my first international travel in eleven years!

In August, I’ll be going to England for business and pleasure, then in November I have the opportunity to visit Japan! I realize this post is filled with exclamation points, and I don’t mean to yell, but by golly, I’m excited!!

Silky went to Japan with Douglas Fairbanks in the 1930s when he was still married to Mary Pickford. They both enjoyed travel immensely and spent much of their time globetrotting together, before and after they were married.

The last time I was in England was to begin research fifteen years ago and I’m thrilled to get to be going back. This time will be spent in Sussex visiting friends with a couple of days in London.  And just about the time I return home, I should be hearing from the agent to whom I most recently submitted my manuscript. Fingers and toes crossed!

I can barely wrap my brain around the idea of Japan. I’ve only ever experienced Europe and the Bahamas, never anywhere in the ancient Eastern world. I am fully prepared to have my mind blown!

I can feel a shift coming. I sense my life is about to undergo a fairly sizable change. It’s been fifteen years in the making and I feel ready. Let the games begin!