Is it me or did March just glide by like the diaphanous vapors of a ghost? It seems as though time is speeding up. Is it because we are all so busy juggling the many fragile plates of our lives? Have we added so many modes of information and communication that we are keeping ourselves hectically distracted? As a self-employed person, I’m actively looking for new clients when I don’t have work. But this month I’ve had an acceleration in business and can hardly find time to brush my teeth.

In busy or tough times, a little diversion is helpful to relieve stress. Some distractions can be quite healthy. Meeting a friend for a cocktail, delving into a darkened movie theater or weaving between tables stacked with vintage “junk” at a flea market are all worthwhile endeavors and good for the soul. But when does the music get written? the canvas painted? the book edited? When your passion and your job are two separate entities, it leaves precious little room–after the bills are paid, the laundry washed, the groceries bought, the animals cared for, the house cleaned–to work at the thing that feeds your soul. At least for me. And my house is typically dirty.

April 1st is Silky’s birthday. She would have been 110 years old this year and I’ve got a bottle of pink champagne chilling, ready to celebrate. I have a client in the morning and a few errands to run, but then–no distractions–I intend to spend the rest of my day with Lady Sylvia Ashley, working on her story and sipping champers.