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Maybe believe…or maybe don’t care. Shit, maybe there is no god in the big white clouds up there. Maybe live long…or maybe die young. Or maybe live every day like it’s your last day under the sun. We go out on our own. It’s a big bad world outside. Carrying our dreams and all that they mean. Trying to make it all worthwhile. –Kodaline

Last week I attended a concert with friends in Los Angeles. Singer/songwriter LP opened for Irish newcomers Kodaline in the Masonic Temple at the Hollywood Forever cemetery, where both Sylvia and Fairbanks are buried. And what a show it was! Music moves me, inspires me, encourages the desire to create and just plain buoys me up. And that’s a good thing cause this editing is difficult and daunting.

Thank goodness I have an extraordinary editor (and friend) or I think I would have given up. She’s able to carry the torch when I am too tired to take another step and she believes in me and in my book when I cease to see the point of it all. As I attempt to cut another 50,000 words, she’s right along side me like a literary personal trainer. Right now, she’s making it all worthwhile.

I can’t help but wonder what inspired Silky. When she was that young girl from Paddington, how did she have the steel spine to reinvent herself and create a new life? What motivated her and kept her going against the odds. She must’ve had people who inspired her and rallied for her cause, people who believed in her and made the evolution worthwhile. Because what I know is that no one can go it completely alone. Countless blessings to those who inspire!