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Silky_Gable_Ballet_wmThe days are shorter, the evenings crisper and the morning fog no longer burns off entirely in the afternoons. This morning, I actually turned on the heater briefly to take the chill off. All hallow’s eve is definitely on it’s way.

This time of year always reminds me of our house on Sunset Boulevard, the anticipation of trick-or-treating and the Santa Ana winds. Force fed on Disney animation that seemed immune to the women’s liberation movement, I always dressed as the fairy princess du jour for Halloween. One year Sylvia gave me one of her cast off gowns that turned out to be a Dior. It was made of draped beige silk taffeta with built in sash and made the most lovely whispering sound when I moved. At the time I had no notion of designers and no idea that I was wearing the frock of a real-life titled princess.

I sometimes don’t bother to dress up for Halloween. It almost feels like amateur night. Now that so many shops sell pre-fab ready made costumes, the creativity and imagination seem to have gone out of the holiday. Besides, I play dress up on a regular basis with artists and costumers for our themed Mah Jongg nights and, most years, for the Summer Solstice parade. This year I actually started pulling my Halloween outfit together in September, although so far, I haven’t got a party to attend yet. Funny how as a child I dressed like an adult and as an adult, I’ll be wearing a Girl Scout uniform this year.

This week’s photo shows Silky with fourth husband, Clark Gable attending the ballet shortly after they were married. In this shot Gable still looks smitten and I would guess that the troubles had not yet begun in earnest. What I wouldn’t give to have that strapless, backless confection of a gown–for Halloween or maybe even New Years Eve or perhaps just to sip champers at a friend’s house!