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There are no coincidences. Just as I’d lost my enthusiasm and momentum for Silky and didn’t think I could paddle any further, the Universe threw me a life raft. When kismet strikes twice in one week, it’s time to pay attention.

I was reacquainted with a writing friend from the past at a local swap meet. A week later our paths crossed again, this time at a mutual friend’s collectables shop. It turns out she loves all things vintage and is also writing about the same era. We got to chatting and instantly my excitement for Silky began to rise. We shared research stories and travel adventures along with the heartache of the solitary life, the frustrations of this lonely art. Just when I needed a sign, some confirmation, in walks my kindred spirit to remind me of my joy and rekindle my passion for writing. There truly are no accidents.

In celebration of this fortuitous turn of events, I’m posting one of my favorite shots of Silky from 1950. It’s an original page from a vintage magazine–taken by photographer John Engstead–that I found on eBay. Sylvia leans elegantly over the streamline back of a vintage convertible. Wrapped in a fur coat, she sports an impressive rock on her finger, a glamorous pair of sunglasses in one hand. Her famous hair is brushed to a sheen. The caption reads, “Mrs. Clark Gable.”

Meeting my writing friend was just the spark I needed for inspiration. This weekend don’t expect me to answer the phone. I’ve got a date with destiny.