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It may be a cliché to ponder the glass being half full or half empty, but it is still a worthwhile endeavor. As I focus on all that is working in my life, my experience is that everything is going well and I am happy and satisfied. If I place my attention on all the aspects that are not as I would like them to be, my life feels as though it’s not working and I’m dissatisfied. It’s a kind of selective ignorance that seems to result in a far more contented existence. Can the same be true for relationships? Isn’t life in all it’s facets and guises riddled with compromise?

From the outside, it seemed that Silky had it all: health, wealth, several esteemed husbands and countless lovers, a stylish jet-set life filled with famous artistic friends. But even the most prominent, fulfilled lives demand concessions and occasionally deliver disappointment.

This week’s post shows Sylvia with her second husband and the love of her life, swashbuckling actor Douglas Fairbanks, disembarking the Hindenburg with boxing champion Max Schmelling after a transatlantic flight from the 1936 Berlin Olympics.

Silky’s affair with Fairbanks was a rocky road that lasted three years and divided all of Hollywood. Her divorce from Lord Ashley was scandalous, exposing her as Fairbanks’ mistress while he was still married to America’s Sweetheart, Mary Pickford. Once united, the couple enjoyed only three years of wedded bliss before Doug’s untimely death in 1939. So it wasn’t all a glamorous bed of roses.

Despite logistics and definitions, more seems to be going swimmingly than not in this romance of mine, no matter how long it may last. One thing I know for certain is that NOTHING lasts forever, so I’m just going to enjoy it while I can. And appreciate all that I have in this moment.