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Well, la de da. I’m writing from the Langham Hotel in Pasadena where my best friend John has brought me for my birthday. I’ve just returned to my room after cream tea in the Club Lounge. There was champers being poured and a fully stocked bar available, but I can see that I’m going to have to pace myself this weekend. Besides, I’m waiting for John to arrive to really dig in.

What luxury, what beauty and bliss. I’m feeling like I’ve stepped into a typical day in the life of Lady Silky. And like I could stay!

The Langham is old world elegance. Though the rooms are modern, the hotel itself was built in the 1920s on a spacious 23 acres of grass dotted with palms and various themed gardens. Looking at my map, I discovered a Japanese garden that I’m very excited to explore. On the other side of the Picture Bridge is the pool, where I intend to spend hours lounging tomorrow. Tonight we’re dining at The Royce, voted one of the top ten restaurants by L.A. magazine. I’m feeling so blessed and lucky and a little like a princess.

This post’s photo is a shot from a Palm Beach newspaper of Lady Sylvia Ashley and her fifth husband white Russian prince, Dimitri Djordjadze on their honeymoon. This final marriage rendered her a princess and though they were estranged after less than a year, they never divorced.

I think it must be happy hour by now…time to put the Sophia on ice…