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I’m in L.A. again this weekend–this time to celebrate MY birthday with friends. This group has been together for more years than I’m willing to divulge (Silky always lied about her age and I’m starting to see her point).

My gang is humoring my need to pretend and play dress up and until scientists invent time travel, we’ll just keep staging period picnics. This year’s theme was inspired by an event I saw on the internet. Apparently, I’m not the only one into vintage theme parties.

The Art Deco Society has a Gatsby picnic every year, and rather than drag everyone up to Oakland for it, I decided we’d have our very own. I suppose I’m also partly inspired by the BBC series Mom turned me onto, “The House of Eliott.” It’s another form of virtual time travel and makes me feel as though I’m transported to Sylvia’s London. One of the characters even has an affair with a race car driver with a Blower Bentley. They filmed the racing scenes at Brooklands.

This week’s photo is from Sylvia’s first marriage in February 1926 to Lord Anthony Ashley-Cooper. She is veiled and radiant, holding a spray of white lilies while he looks proud and victorious with the woman he loves on his arm–despite his family’s protests.

Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries—these are the events we celebrate in the company of those we love; the ones who know us best. We mark these milestones with festivities that reflect our hopes for the future, our joy at being alive and together in this mortal coil. How fortunate I am, even as a woman of a certain age.