1 jigger vodka (your choice, we prefer Ketel One)

1 dash chili infused vodka

juice of 1 lemon

Simple syrup

1 tblsp Ginger Syrup from Morris Kitchen


garnish with a slice of lemon & a straw



Today is Cinco de Mayo…& Gamp’s birthday.

One of the few stories Gam can remember at the ripe age of 92 is how whenever anyone tried to take Sylvia’s picture, she would lift her chin up high to pull the wrinkles out of her neck.

“Isn’t that vain?” Gam always adds with a little laugh, like she thinks it’s ridiculous, but kind of like she understands too.

And she’s right. I’ve got the photograph to prove it. Sylvia and my grandfather are standing side by side in my grandparents’ living room. Gamp, looking a bit drunk, is gazing into the camera and Sylvia, her little Chihuahua wrapped in a pink sweater in her arms, is looking upward, her chin raised unnaturally.

What must it have been like to have been a ravishing beauty your whole life? To have it be the core of your whole identity–only to grow old and lose your looks. Would you lose a part of yourself too? Or would you rely on memories of a glamorous life lived and find contentment?

I can’t even imagine the power of walking into any room and commanding everyone’s attention. Every man wanting to be with you and every woman wishing they could be you. The pressure must have been astounding. And intoxicating.

I’m in L.A. at Marty’s house launching the blog this Cinco de Mayo. He’s about to mix up a pitcher of our new favorite cocktail, “The Silky” that he invented. It doesn’t have tequila in it, but it’s sweet, refreshing, bubbly, beautiful and has a little bite. Like Sylvia herself.

Happy Birthday, Gamp…and Cheers, Silky!